Target Customers


Targeted customers are all people involved in following business processes: Purchasing, Product Management & Development, Marketing, Market Research, Business Development & Strategy, Consultancy etc.

The information provided by IngreScan can be used to stirr, lead, adjust or optimize your businesses. Have a look at following list of examples/options how to use the info provided:


  • Raw material suppliers and their sales organisations use this tool do identify new customers, new application areas, new product mixes
  • Shopping lists of more than 5.000 customers, covering the majority of their raw materials used, are also available
  • Product Managers identify new trends and developments in existing markets and markets abroad
  • Raw material manufacturers and respective product management optimize their existing product ranges by focusing on mainly applied products and simultaneous elimination of minor components
  • Product managers and sales organisations investigate in formulations of more than 100.000 single products to identify interesting raw material combinations which might be launched as new developments
  • Reformulation of existing products are supported by ingredients reports
  • Customer reports are used to explore markets abroad and to steer your distribution, trading or networking partners in respecitve regions
  • For allergic persons, this tool also provides positive lists of finished products most suitable to your special requirements
  • General items like composition of single markets, special applications, market sizes, are also available