Welcome to IngreScan - World of Life Sciences Ingredients


IngreScan is a market research and consultancy company focussed on collection and analytical evaluation of chemical raw materials applied in consumer goods across the world. These consumer goods are part ot the Life Science markets covering Agro, Food, Nutraceuticals, Pharma, Cosmeceuticals, Personal Care, Beauty Care, and Home Care.



There are millions of consumer products sold every day. Typically, these products are sold via retailer stores, drug stores, hypermarkets, Internet stores and pharmacies. Next to well-known global brands by multinationals, there are many niche products covering special needs and requirements. Also formulations of products vary from the Americas via Africa and Europe to Asia.


IngreScan provides a broad range of information and reports on finished products and/or raw materials like product formulations, prescriptions, purchasing portfolios, shopping lists, application ideas, market trends and developments.



Additionally, IngreScan can provide consultancy support along the entire value chain, from purchasing via product management, marketing and strategy, to business development and sales support.



Our aim is to provide an outstanding, comprehensive service fulfilling customer needs and creating value on your side.