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Life Sciences application are predominantely linked to business areas like Pharma, Food and Personal Care. During the last years, applications which can be no longer just linked to one of these areas are getting more and more attention.


The overlapping area between Pharma and Food, called Nutraceuticals, is a big driver of innovation and new products worldwide. The regulatory status of many raw materials of interest is still under governmental evaluation and will give a boost to this industry in future.


Cosmeceuticals, covering Pharma and Personal Care aspects, is another interesting business area. Here, active pharmaceutical ingredients and easy to apply dosage forms are combined.





Along these traditional, well-known Life Science application areas there are additional, interesting areas using similar or almost the same raw materials: Here we are talking about Beauty Care for instance medical devices like dermal fillers and meso-therapy, Home Care covering detergents, I&I and industrial cleansing products as well as Agro where respective formulations are using additives/raw materials which are also used in Pharma, Food and Personal Care.