Market Info


Backbone of the information hub is a massive database of more than 100.000 finished Life Sciences products of more than 5.000 manufacturers including the used raw materials. Products from around the world are included. These info are recombined to generate different views and to ease the access to market insides.


Raw Market Info


In many Life Sciences applications, the finished product itself or its packaging is providing insides about the formula. The info about the chemical raw materials used is provided and also gives an indicative figure about the concentration applied. By just taking the main application areas Pharma, Food and Personal Care, the database compiles already more than 30.000 different raw materials.


The analysis of these raw materials can be of high value to purchasers, product managers and all people involved in sales. Purchasers interest is mainly related to the different suppliers of raw materials. Product managers are more interested in new ingredients used as well as the main product groups applied. For sales people, the database is extremely helpful as following info can be provided: Shopping lists by customers, potential customers per raw materials, potenial new application areas and new product mixes.


Finished Product Info


The info related to finished products is interesting for FMCG marketing as well as raw material suppliers. FMCG marketing can track and analyse competitive products about their formulations as well as any change in formula. Raw material suppliers can identify the final applications for their raw materials sold and identify new business areas.



To track the development of new finished products and formulas as well as the introduction of new raw materials, ongoing updates of this database are installed.